November 30, 2014

Continued from the last post ...

One common stereotype of India is 'Conservative' ,yet it is this country that has produced " The Kamasutra". India is not a country that is to be described based on what you see with your eyes only. There may be a very elaborate context to what you witness which when revealed would completely change the way you are looking at something. India packs within itself 5000 years of culture and living in its 1.2 billion people . Hindus still solemnize the marriage going around the sacred fire , a custom that goes back to 4000 years. India is a country that can seem strange to its own citizens , such is the scale of its diversity. I have now tried to stop trying to understand everything about  India with my limited knowledge and an existence that goes back only to 1984. Now I try to enjoy being a native of India ... A land of wonders.

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