January 03, 2015

Miss Universe Early Favorites : Top 10 and Top 20 Predictions

Miss Universe 2014 gets Underway: Predictions for top 20

Beauty has a universal appeal and when it comes to beauty nothing beats Miss Universe. With a worldwide audience of approximately 1 billion viewers, it is interesting to know who can be the Next Miss Universe. Miss Universe 2014/2015 will be held in city of Doral on January 26, 2015. It will be the 63rd Miss Universe pageant, Gabriela Isler of Venezuela will crown her successor at end of the event. Here is the list of 20 contestants who will predict to turn the heads.

Miss  Universe 2014 is a year of very strong candidates . In my list there are many non-powerhouse countries like GUYANA , MALAYSIA, INDONESIA, who i feature in the next post.


TOP 20 : 

Spain      India      USA        Philippines         Venezuela        Colombia       Costa Rica       France 

Indonesia      Malaysia      Thailand      Ethiopia       Ukraine     Dominican Republic   Australia 

Brazil      Russia      Jamaica        Guyana     South Africa

In no particular order, that is why you see number 1 before each contestant.

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1.      Miss Spain:  Desiree Cordero Ferrer : She is a Spanish stunner again . Spain has been performing in recent years. She has a very captivating beauty which is difficult to ignore. She is spell bounding. We see her going very far. Spain offers a very different kind of European beauty, A perfect mix of exotic North Africa and Greece and sophistication of Western European beauties.

1.      Serbia: Andjelka Tomasevic, She has what you call angelic looks. Her stares can make forget the world. Not sure how trained she is is but very refreshing to see Serbia, a non-powerhouse country performing so well.

1.      Costa Rica:  Karina Ramos. She is my favorite Latina along with Colombia and Venezuela and she will certainly go far. She is experienced ( Represented her country at Supranational Last year). Her catwalk is one one the best and has a great body to complement.

1.      India :  Noyonita Lodh . Well, India is a power house that had gone to into a slumber now waking up . India had a placement streak of 10 years at MU from 1993-2002 , winning two crowns and 3 runners up. With Noyonita's beauty it  will be difficult to ignore her. She has an amazing confidence , knows how to work the stage. Though she stands at about 5 feet 7 but works the stage well. In recent years India has suffered because of bad styling. Hope this year is different. 

1.      Ukraine: Diana Harkusha. Another angel from strife torn country. She is bound to make waves at MU 2014. Her icy blue eyes are enough to take you into a different world.

1.      Philippines: Mary Jean Lastimosa Philippines was the country of the year last year. This year they haven't performed as expected of them. But Mary Jean is a veteran in beauty pageants and can go all the way to win.

1.      Russia:  Julia Alipova Well, she is a beauty with brains. A Physics and Mathematics cum laude graduate and a sound engineer. She is a certified Russian-English translator. With these credential and her face , it will be difficult to ignore her.

 1.      Venezuela: Migbelis Castellanos ,Venezuela never gets it wrong. Use all the beauty adjectives for her.she is Miss Venezuela, Biggest Brand in Beauty Pageants

1.      Columbia : Paulina Vega. She is one of the most popular delegates this year. The Colombia Vs Venezuela debate will be a hot topic this year. Difficult to choose. She can win it all. A very strong contender. Great walk, Great Body, Commanding presence.

1.      Brazil Melissa Gurgel: Brazil has been placing in the final since 2011. This can be their year. She is less taller than a usual Miss Brazil. But she exudes charm. She has a great smile.
That is one thing that sets her apart.


  1. hey the photo you posted for Melisa Gurgel is not her. That is Ximena Navarette Miss Universe 2010.

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    2. Thank You . I used correct picture on our website. Made a mistake here. Thanks for pointing out. It has been corrected.