April 01, 2015

Why India is great : because its women are great, Deepika Padukone video is superficial and lacks character

A transcript of a real conversation between an American Grand Mother and her grand daughter.

Grand mom: Why are you dressed in those clothes. You are looking a s*ut
Granddaughter : Because that's the idea.

Indian women are a gift to India, with their compassion and selfless nature.They are the ones who sustain our culture and keep it alive. Though not as valued as they should be. India is too large, too old and too diverse to be defined by a Deepika Padukone video. Honestly I find that a very stupid thought lacking in true understanding of the transformation India is going through and very superficial at its best. In 29 years of my life I haven't seen too many lecherous men ogling at women. I find Indian men more responsible and the one who would take a bullet shot on his chest for his sister/mother/family because that is how we are. India should not be defined by a odd few cases, a bit too few to stereotype our country.

Negativity speaks louder and gets more TRP. We still value our relationships and our family values are certainly better. We do not seek divorce because the spouse is overweight or gets a job in a different city or snores while sleeping . Our loved do not chose their funeral settings. We do not dress in our best "Black Dress" for a funeral complete with a Black aviator.

Unfortunately in our country many people accept every concept from west as progressive, for eg: "the slut walk campaign". India still doesn't have 'safe neighborhood' concept and doesn't have serial killers/rapists like they have. Fortunately The Indian society remains largely traditional and values its 5000 years old culture, older than any Greek, Latin whatever. US and Europe do not count. They have more rapists in those countries, worst form of perversions, its all there.   Every society has its own follies and vices.

There is no Utopian society in this world. I still see a lot of sanity in our society.

Amid all the controversy raised by a very mediocre video of Deepika Padukone and Homi Adajania , though with very   good intentions of raising awareness, the most outraging thing that emerges is lack of appreciation of our positives and our resilience by those people.

With all sincerity and truthfulness that I have at my command, I would like say that our country is not defined by instances like 16 December Delhi Incident and those "forward thinking" , "progressive people" should take refuge in their western Utopian societies. For sure their are things in our society that needs a good like look and require change in attitude. But the change should be a result of our own understanding and need customized to suit our 'composite and vibrant' culture and not be forced by ideas copied from others.

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