April 02, 2015

The truth of religion conversions in India: What the west will never tell Indians

 Note : I am doing my share of stereotyping , just like all Hindus are called Castists and All Muslims are called terrorists. Its only the "Liberal", "progressive" west funded people, who are the cleanest of them all, well here is reality check.I am not very religious not a bigot at all. I find religion to be a man made construct. It should remain a matter of personal faith. With all the truthfulness at my command, I would like to say that I only intend to bust the myth of liberal and progressive model that some people follow. Every coin has two sides, matters like these have many.

After the Charlee Hebdo attack, whole of incest loving Europe came together to condemn the attack. Not one voice was heard when the magazine went on printing Cartoons of prophet Mohammad, something not allowed and akin to a sin in Islam. Everything was said in support of freedom of speech. It's one thing to mock fun at yourself, printing cartoons of Christ. Mocking others is where the problems start. Telling Muslims that all 1.5 billion are terrorists while comfortably ignoring their past , how they obliterated the native Americans from the continent of Americas and Australia. The priests came up with the idea of spreading diseases that were unknown to those poor souls. They had this call of divine duty of Christ. Similar things happened in Australia and New Zealand , where children were separated from their families to 'civilize' them. Cathy Freeman of Australia and an Olympic Gold medal winner, 2000 Sydney Olympic is an example. They tried it in India too but were met with ferocious revolt. The 1857 revolt was a result of their Christianity propaganda. Their tactics have not changed, Western media has called India a country where women are raped , not given their dues. Hindus are called castist bigots. They dont get why we dont eat beef just the way they dont get why koreans eat dog meat. They suffer with a selective memory loss. There are many racist attacks taking place in whole of USA,UK and Europe. These do not have value to the CNNs and BBCs . I fail to understand from where these swine eating people get the moral courage to call the Indians by theses names. These pervert pedophiles and bearers of sexually transmitted diseases dont like to be reminded of these things. I will do my share of stereotyping too. Last public lynching of a black happened not many years ago. Ku Lux Clan still is alive and kicking. The founding principle of Catholic sect considers Christians most supreme then why blame Wahabi and Salafi Islam.

 The 'Liberal', "progressive' souls of country, one of which called me a religious bigot could not see the facts or is probably blinded by her love of someone called "Christ"; are having selective amnesia . The Barkha Dutts and the Rajdeep sardesais of India are so blinded by their love of liberal west.

Now, I present before you a history of Christianity in Europe and how corrupt it was and continues to be, with ceaseless reports of pedophile priests. It was in Catholic Ireland where an Indian lady was denied abortion because Catholic religion doesn't allow abortion. She died. Europe in its present form and borders is a results of rise of nationalism as a consequence of system called "Papal Supremacy", the supremacy of pope. Their past is the reason why they are not religious anymore and they think everyone else should follow the suit, Be it India or be it a muslim or Buddhist country. The Lutheran Church of Germany, The Protestant Church of England is all a result of these reactions. There was a system of 'Tithe' where a sinner could pay a priest a heavy price and be absolved of his sins. Women were burnt for being witches.

India has a different relationship with its religions. There are vices and follies in every society. There are things which need to be corrected. But India does not need lecturing by swine eaters, pedophiles and perverts.

Before you preach India, you must have a good nice look at your past and your present . 9000 chuhe khakar billi ko haj par nahi jaana chahiye.

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