April 09, 2015

Career Choices for Average Students : part 1

Career Choices for so called ‘average’ students
With a lot of focus on developing India’s economy, focus has now shifted to ‘Skill India’ initiative of government of India. India remains a country with a traditional bias for Mathematics and Science streams of education. Many Indian parents still play a very influential role in deciding the careers of their parents. This forces some students to go for streams that are not the best in terms of utilizing their potential.
As an engineering graduate with a passion for Geology I can understand the situations such pressurized students are finding themselves in leading to Mid-Career Blues. Situation becomes more difficult for students who are not so ‘intelligent’ by our metric systems, those who score in the 60s and the early seventies. With cut off percentages going higher every year this is becoming very difficult.
However there are winds of change now and students, professional are listening to their hearts to pursue what they like. Here are some excellent career choices, though unconventional but still rewarding if you have talent and you use it the right way.
To be successful in any field, a foremost requirement is good communication skill. Once you have that you can solve many day to day problems. Most successful people are good people managers.
Radio Jockeys:
Skills needed: A good voice, Articulation and ability to strike a good conversation, Presence of mind, a lot of knowledge, Good Observation and of Course command over a language.

Event Managers:
People to people skills, Good command over language, a cheerful demeanor, Ability to work in time stressed situations, a knack for people handling.

Writers: May be you have another Chetan Bhagat hiding in you, got a passion for writing, let it come out. You may start writing as freelance writer.

Media/News Anchors: Media is the fourth pillar of our society, gives you a lot of exposure. You can choose your stream, sports, entertainment, Technology, politics and let it grow while you grow with the job.

Architects: There is an architect in everyone, no matter how primitive it is. You like futuristic buildings…well design one. India doesn’t have too many famous architects and certainly needs more as our country grows.

Fashion Designers: Again this is something for which you need to have an inborn talent. It may look easy but could be very demanding. But can be very rewarding if you have passion for it. Many ladies do start their own boutiques, may be with more formal training you could do a lot better.

Chefs: This is a skill that is born from passion and genuine interest, moreover it doesn’t require you to be a math or Physics geek. The reputation of chef has improved a lot. They are no more your usual Khaansaamas but artists who play with flavors to give you a taste that lingers on, besides everybody loves eating. May be you could go on to own your own Restaurant, even better a chain of restaurants.

There could many other like Wine, Coffee, Chocolate tasters however the number of jobs remain less.

In all the above mentioned careers the most important thing is a passion. When directed in right direction, it could be rewarding.

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