December 19, 2014

The US says it is monitoring 'forced conversions' in India : India doesn't need to learn either secularism nor it needs to learn managing diversity from a 300 year old country formed on the debris of native american cultures.

United States recently said that it’s monitoring the situation with regards to the forced conversions of non-Hindus to Hinduism. The situation is not as grim as it is made to look in the western media.  Take a look at this for example:

The situation is not as grim as they have tried to make it look in the above mentioned news report.

Christianity came to India before it even reached Europe. They have been living here peacefully and have been allowed to preach their religion. What the above news story completely ignores is the background to the current situation. For centuries the missionaries have tried to lure people to Christianity.It is needless to say that they failed terribly in doing that. Well, that can be part of a different discussion. Religious propaganda of missionaries was one of the reasons behind the 1857 rising , It was then that the British decided not to carry on their religious propaganda in India

Well , it seems that US has forgotten the days when it obliterated the native Indians of North America , In fact wherever the westerners have gone to settle they have almost completely ruined the native cultures there. South American civilizations are a good example of that. The same happened in Australia where the aborigines were sent to the missionary schools to make them civilized. They tried to do the same but were quick to realize that it will not be possible in India. The white man's burden theories were evolved to help them convert Blacks to Christianity. Not long ago Blacks were lynched publicly in that country and racism is still pretty alive. 

India has done a tremendous job at managing its diversity for thousands of years. Western and Islamic cultures are too monolithic and lack the vibrancy that India has. The recent changes may hide the true picture that both Christianity and Islam have tried to convert people. With regards to the present situation, these so called religious conversions are just a strategy to bring notice to the conversions going unchecked for so long. Hindu religion has not been a religion of equality and it is beginning to reform itself. But USA does not have any moral character to preach us. 

India doesn't need to learn either secularism nor it needs to learn managing diversity from a 300 year old country formed on the debris of native american cultures. They should focus more on protecting Blacks from bullets of trigger happy white American policemen and killings of school children. India is capable of managing its issues US lacks the moral ground to preach India.It lacks history and character to preach India. India is not an "ally" in their war against terror. They were the creators of Taliban for their interests in Afghanistan They ignored ISIS thinking that it will help them throw out Assad regime in Syria. Where ever they have gone , be it Vietnam , be it Iraq or Afghanistan or Pakistan they have only made the situation worse. USA is bigger powerful version of Pakistan, may be even worse. Sitting in white house US presidents have changed many governments and then they claim to be the protectors and torch bearers of democracy in other countries. It creates terror outfits to use them then leave them to destroy that country. 

 India does well in keeping them at a safe distance and keep telling them their "place" every now then , in WTO and in climate Talks.We are not yearning to win  America's friendship. They should better look within before they tell India what to do. 

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