December 31, 2014

India's moral Dichotomy : Mourns Nirbhaya and watches Ragini MMS2

Mention the word MMS and people will be titillated to no end as in India this has come to mean sexual content . Ragini MMS2 is a fitting example of moral dichotomy of India
India is a country where people love to flaunt high moral standards but even a cursory look at the Indian society will tell us that the reality is very different. If movies like Ragini MMS 2 do so well despite failing to deliver on quality content, the reason is that they titillate the viewers. Playing with the libidos and making them curious throughout the movie. The fan following of Ragini MMS2.
The very fact that Ragini MMS 2 still trends high is proof enough that people in India love sexually titillating content. We do love taking part in candle light vigils after every “ Nirbhaya” and “Damini” is raped but would round up the day watching the latest MMS in the night may be anytime as the need be.

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