January 02, 2015

Indian Housewives's care valued at 15000 per year : was that a joke

Tamil Nadu tribunal values Indian Housewives care at 15000 rupees per year 

A Tamil Nadu tribunal has said that the salary of an Indian housewives if monetized would be 15000 annually.

Selvi, 31, earning Rs 5,000 per month by selling clothes, died in an accident on April 23, 2004. Her husband, daughter aged 5 years at that time, and mother moved the tribunal for compensation. Disbelieving the claim of independent income for Selvi as it was not supported by any documents, the tribunal concluded that her 'notional income' as a homemaker was Rs 15,000 annually.

Justice Vimala, noting that a house wife's services, described as gratuitous service, has not been considered by the tribunal, said: "When the child was aged 5 years, it lost the lap of the mother, which nobody can afford. The guidance and support needed from the mother, especially for a girl child, need not be emphasized. The tribunal, unmindful of the consequences of the death, has quantified the compensation in a way which nobody can tolerate.

 Indian women are undoubtedly among the most compassionate and selfless in this world. It’s a pity that a great country like ours has not been able to give them their due. The origin of a child is a mother and is a woman and it is a woman who as the caregiver to the whole family often gets taken for granted, ignored unappreciated for her duties. She continues to relentlessly fulfill her duties as a mother, a daughter and a wife. There may be many jokes about wives but still Indian women prove to be the best at every role they take to. Anyone who ‘understands’ India would know this. India needs to do better in terms of gender equality. 

What is value of selfless caring

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