January 04, 2015

Terror Boat: Pakistan at it again, sends Terror Boat to India to unleash terror

A suspicious boat from Karachi which is being called ‘Terror Boat’ on the net sphere (read internet) was intercepted by the coast guard about 350 Kilometers west from Porbandar, Gujarat. After being chased for about an hour by the vigilant coast guard, it blew up in flames. The ‘Terror Boat’ was carrying explosives and four people were sighted on it by the surveillance system before it self-exploded. The event occurred on Wednesday midnight. Soon after the incident was reported, twitter was abuzz with ‘Terror Boat’ related Tweets.
(Coast Guard Foils Terror bit by intercepting ‘Terror Boat’ loaded with explosives)

Terror Boat From Pakistan

This operation was done after IB provided intelligence report to the coast guards ‘to intercept a suspect fishing boat’. Phone conversations tapped by the IB officials led to this swift action. The coast guard Dornier aircraft and surveillance boats were put in to action for the search operation. The coast guard did follow the ‘engaging rules’ as per the laws of the sea for navigation in international waters as enshrined in the INCLOS (International Convention on Laws of the Sea). The warnings were given and after about an hour of chasing the boat ‘imploded’

A similar operation was mounted by ‘Lashkar e Taiba’ in 2008 when a lone boat ‘Kuber’ was converted into a ‘Terror Boat’ after it was hijacked by the Pakistani terrorists before went on to unleash terror in Mumbai on 26th November,2008.

Good job done by IB and coast guard but it should serve as a reminder that India remains very vulnerable to Pakistan supported terrorism. 

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