January 16, 2015

Why I am not Jes suis Whatever : No one has the right to cause EMOTIONAL VIOLENCE

This is why I am not Je suis whatever............As a writer I take pride in saying things as I see them, devoid of prejudices. Charlee Hebdo whatever has printed another cover with a cartoon which is outright provocation and insensitive. If you cant be part of solution then DONT AGGRAVATE an already tense situation . Read about France's atrocities on its Muslim colonies like Algeria and you will get a bigger complete Picture. Its not that they are all good people with no wrong deeds. These CNN people seem to be living in world of their own. Oversimplifications are dangerous. It is not that the WEST is all good with no follies . They turn blind to Saudi Arabia funding the militants because of their oil interests. It is Saudi Arabia which sends the money to militants from Pakistan to Philippines to promote its Wahabi Islam. But USA doesn't act on it because of their interests. They play a big role in keeping SHIA-SUNNI divide b/w Iran and Saudi Arabia. They support autocracies to keep their interests. Not many know that US ignored IS in its early phase rather it was happy that there was some additional help in fighting Asad regime in Syria . From Israel-Palestine to North south Korea to India Pakistan , these folks find a place to play their game everywhere. It was not Palestine that massacred the Jews in 2nd world war . They were massacred in Europe. Taliban was also a CIA setup. The world doesn't think in binary terms, with us or against us like they want us to . WE must be careful in not going overboard to support these idiots and keep telling them in most unequivocal terms that India is not an ally they like to have. I condemn printing the cartoons. That is akin to verbal violence. The cartoons with sexual connotations should not be seen as freedom of speech.

Why I am not je suis Whatever

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