March 14, 2015

A tribute to Indian Beauty

Indian girls are famous all over the world for their unique beauty. Their striking exotic features which are very different from white, Black or East Asian features. India is a kaleidoscope of many races including Caucasians (Aryans), Mediterranean, Mongoloids, Dravidians, Australoids. Inhabitants of Andaman and Nicobar Islands are closely related to the Black race. Over the 5000 years of continuing civilization history these races have mixed together to produce a very eclectic mixture of cultures and of course beauty.

Relevance of Miss Universe and Miss World
“Beauty pageants might be seen as irrelevant today but it is indeed a daunting task to be beautiful, stress free, calm, articulate, intelligent all at the same time. It takes a Lion’s heart to be flag bearer of country with 1.3 billion people in an event which still gets hundreds of millions viewership from all over the world.”
India has the second largest diaspora population in the world and they have achieved great success everywhere in the world. This year Miss World 2014 Competition had 7 Indian origin Beauties, 2 penetrating Top 10, India and Guyana.  Last year 5 Indian origin beauties competed at Miss Universe.

Miss Universe 2010
At Miss Universe 2010, 2 of the TOP 5 were of Mixed Indian origin, Jamaican Yendi Philips and Filipino Venus Raj.

India has produced great and memorable beauty queens. Aishwarya is a legend and so far the most successful Miss World ever. Sushmita and Lara Dutta are remembered for their answers which are rated amongst the best at Miss Universe ever.

Asha Bhatt: Miss Supranational 2014
Lara score a score of 9.9/10 at Miss Universe 2010 which is highest ever. India is also the Only Country to win Miss Universe and Miss World both in the same years twice, 1994 and 2000. It is also the only country to score a back to back victory at Miss World by winning in 1999 and 2000.

 India won Miss World 3 times in 4 years itself speaks the power of Indian beauty and Brains.  With 7 Big 2 crowns (Miss World and Miss Universe) India enjoys a very respectable position in the pageantry. With 7 Big 2 crowns (Miss World and Miss Universe) India enjoys a very respectable position in the pageantry.

This performance is commendable as the there was never a huge popular support from the Indians in general. This year India has won Miss Supranational, Third after Miss Universe and Miss World in terms of production quality. Also India won 3 other minor crowns this year. Indian beauty is certainly on roll.

Aishwarya Rai and Sushmita Sen : A fairytale start in 1994

In 2000 India won 4 major pageants, Miss Universe, Miss World, Mrs. World and Miss Asia Pacific.

Let’s have a look at their profiles of Indian contestants this year.

Miss Universe 2014
Miss Universe 2014 taking place at Doral in Miami Florida has 6 Indian origin Beauties, 2 of them partially Indian and rest completely Indian

Picture Courtesy: India’s Next International Beauty Queen

1.     India : Noyonita Lodh (completely Indian)
2.     Malaysia: Sabrina Bennett (completely Indian)
3.     Mauritius: Pallavi Gungram (completely Indian)
4.     Singapore: Rathi Menon (completely Indian)
5.     Guyana: Niketa Barker (Indian-Black)
6.     Netherlands: Yasmin Verheijen (Indian-German-Chinese)

At Miss World 2014
Miss World 2014 which happened at London in December had 7 Indian origin beauties. 2 of them Miss Guyana and Miss India reached Top 10.

Indian Beauty Queens
India has following Major crowns in beauty pageants
5 Miss World  (1966, 94, 97, 99, 2000), 6 runner up. First Ever Back to Back
2 Miss Universe (94, 2000), 11 year semifinal placement streak, 4 years finalist streak
1 Miss Supranational (2014)
3 Miss Asia Pacific (1970, 1973, 2000)
3 Miss Asia Pacific World (2012, 2013, 2014) F
1 Miss Earth (2010)
2 Miss Intercontinental (1978, 1997)
In addition to this Indian girls have won 14 other minor titles including all versions of Tourism queen International/Tourism queen (Malaysia Version)/China versions
Indian beauty stands in a league of its own as unmatched as our women are.

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