March 27, 2015

Miss India 2015 gets underway, Winners to compete for Miss World 2015, Miss International and Miss Grand International

Miss India remains a dream that many vie for India. Miss India 2015 is going to take place tomorrow on March 28th. As for my readers who would be wondering why I often switch from climate change and international readers to world of beauty. The reason is the viewership it has and the number of views is staggering for big ones like Miss Universe 2014/2015 and Miss World.  Miss India is a very respectable name in the world of beauty. India brings a flavor to this world which is hot as Indian spices and intriguing like the country itself.

With a very decent rate of predicting the winners and semifinalists and finalists I always make a post with the favorites. But this year I am doing so for the want of time. But still I will name my sentimental favorite. This year my favorite for the coveted title is Miss Deekhsa Kausal.

Deeksha has a great body frame and stand towering at 5 feet 11. Her beauty is both Indian and western. To complement it she has good articulation and is compendious in her answers.
My another sentimental favorite is my city girl Vartika Singh who was a finalist at Miss Diva 2014.

Miss India has a very good record at Miss World with 5 wins so far and quite a few runners ups and semifinalists. At the most recent event India won Miss Asia title, continental queen of Asia.  

Miss World 2015 is Rolene Strauss and Deeksha resembles her in beauty but I find her beauty more intriguing just the kind I like. 

Good Luck to all the Miss India 2015 contestants 

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